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Aoud Vietnamese Sioufi

100% natural

135 SAR

Sold Out 94 Time

Super Luxurious Sioufi Vietnamese Oud from Khan Hoa Forest, Vietnam, a beautiful scent and aroma for personal use and gifting.

  • Class: Super
  • The scent of oud: luxurious and beautiful aromatic

The oud is selected with great care, its stability is excellent on clothes and in the boards, a beautiful fragrance that fills the place and lasting stability that gives the place a refreshing and comfortable smell.

Don't miss the zain

The most beautiful and luxurious natural royal Vietnamese agarwood.

If the oud is not the son of nature, then we cannot call it oud, but rather what comes out of the womb of the earth and spreads around you its captivating fragrance.

135 SAR
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