Shatha Al-Oud - The best value for high quality.... Shatha Al-Oud is your first choice in Dehn Al-Oud and incense - We are distinguished by the best types of Agarwood and Dehn Al-Oud, keen to choose t

fat trad wood

287.50 SAR

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Distinctive scent official Bkhurih extract of the forests Trat area bordering Cambodia trees and cooked the way

Old on the wood , giving it a distinctive flavor wooden Bkhurih firming long for this kind of

Dehn Al-Oud is a special love for our customers.


This method of producing oud oil is very tiring in all its stages, especially in the stage of distillation, where no eye is blinded by the pots of oil distillation, so all family members or employees alternate with staying up and sleeping for a period of no less than 5 consecutive days.



Without a doubt, the long lasting .

My incense is widespread .

Official whitens the face in the presence of events and the smell of incense .

Gift it to someone who has his place and value with you and you are assured because it is a precious gift in its meaning and quality

287.50 SAR
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7 months ago

يجمل انصح بالشراء

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