Shatha Al-Oud - The best value for high quality.... Shatha Al-Oud is your first choice in Dehn Al-Oud and incense - We are distinguished by the best types of Agarwood and Dehn Al-Oud, keen to choose t

gift box

399 SAR

They say the gift is not worth the value, but the reality is that they will look for the price of the gift you brought, and if they find it cheap, they will feel that you do not appreciate them.

And when they look for the price of your gift from Shatha Al Oud, they will know how much you appreciate them.

The box is so elegantly diversified that you'll ensure that the person receiving your gift will like some, if not all, of the scents.

Box contents:

  1. Quarter of a tola of oud oil Trad luxury wood.
  2. A quarter of a tola of Isparta rose.
  3. Luxurious Oud Enhancer Ounce.
  4. Smart Incense Burner With Cambodian Sticks
  5. Elegant and luxurious incense burner with charcoal can

399 SAR
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