Shatha Al-Oud - The best value for high quality.... Shatha Al-Oud is your first choice in Dehn Al-Oud and incense - We are distinguished by the best types of Agarwood and Dehn Al-Oud, keen to choose t


100% natural

130 SAR

Sold Out 130 Time

From the islands of East Asia, Indonesia, in particular, where the climate is different and distinctive; Between the uninterrupted rain and the sun that spreads its rays, the oud with its charming imprint emerges from its hollow. Which gives its good effect to everywhere, as it is extracted from the roots of trees that hug the ground to release its fragrant aroma that attracts everyone.

A long journey that we have provided for you because we are keen to provide the best products to our valued customers. You can now get the Maroki oud that satisfies your high-end tastes, by ordering it from Shatha Al-Oud store with its distinctive products to reach you wherever you are. Make its high-end mark appear on your happy occasions and in your joys. A wonderful gift for your loved ones, the mrouki oud is the ultimate oud lover, with Shatha Al-Oud we have the secret of the aroma.

130 SAR
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