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vietnamese oud woods jar

100% natural

145 SAR

Sold Out 61 Time

Mashallah, Blessed be the Most Merciful, the Vietnamese Jar Oud is super luxurious, it smells beautiful and it smells good. Of course, any kind of agarwood called the Jar is one of the best pieces. It is very beautiful for personal use, occasions, and gifting from the sticks that are popular because of the beauty of its smell.

  • Class: Super
  • Oud smell: beautiful saffron
  • High fluency and stability
  • Agarwood professional cleaning cleaner

no glue

no filler

no impurities

— A beautiful fragrance that fills the place with lasting stability that gives the place a fresh and comfortable scent.

If the oud is not the son of nature, then we cannot call it oud, but rather what comes out of the womb of the earth and spreads around you its captivating aroma.

145 SAR
One comment

خالد سليمان الحارثي

11 months ago

جداجدا جدا رائع

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