Shatha Al-Oud - The best value for high quality.... Shatha Al-Oud is your first choice in Dehn Al-Oud and incense - We are distinguished by the best types of Agarwood and Dehn Al-Oud, keen to choose t

The composition of shatha oud

330 SAR

At Shatha Al-Oud, we decided to put our special and distinctive mark in a product bearing our name. So we put in your hands the “ Shatha Al-Oud formula ” to produce for you the most beautiful, pure, pure, quality and odorless agarwood composition.

Features :

High stability and wide spread

The composition of Shatha Al-Oud is composed of large ingredients 10 varieties 100% pure

The scent of fine taste for luxury owners and lovers

Luxurious gift and purchase

330 SAR
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